Ana Almeida
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Ana Paula Graça Franco de Almeida was born on April 13, 1959 in Sintra, Portugal, graduated in Visual Arts at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at the University of the Algarve and a year later completed the Post-Graduation in Visual and Performing Arts at the same institution. From an early age she showed a great aptitude for drawing and during her career she has been exploring areas such as canvas and digital painting, sculpture, craftworks, photography, video and design. Held several exhibitions, mainly in the area of canvas painting, where she seeked to address different themes and concepts.

In an early age she showed a great aptitude in drawing, leading her to explore areas such as canvas painting, digital painting, sculpture, crafts, photography, video and design.
It is possible to find a great diversity in her portfolio covering various artistic techniques.

As a contemporary artist, she sought to approach geometric abstractionism, an example of which are her geometric paintings on canvas. In this sense, colors and shapes are the most prominent elements where she tries to create an illusion in which each line suggests the movement that leads to the abstraction of the senses of the observer.

As far as digital is concerned, illustration is the main focus of her work, and it is possible to find works of animation with simpler strokes where fiction and imagination play the main role.

Currently, seeking to promote greater environmental awareness and sustainability on the planet, the artist began the technique of collage on canvas, using recycled materials such as newsprint and magazines, thus giving a new dynamic to her artistic work and a new life to materials, once considered as waste or garbage. She is essentially inspired by people and animals in a perspective full of bright colors, textures and reliefs.


'Tuca Big Ears'

16 July 2021

A story about a little indian and his dream of going to the big city. Intended for younger audiences, this story was written and illustrated by Ana Almeida.

Participation in 'Você na TV!'

05 September 2019

Upon invitation from the production of TVI show 'Você na TV!', Ana Almeida presented some of her artworks in the 'Museu de Excelência' segment.

'The Little Christmas Witch'

05 December 2018

A story for children written and illustrated by Ana Almeida in magazine format, about a little witch who did not know what Christmas was about.